Water Control and Management

Norwest has supported clients in developing site-wide water management plans that minimize operational delays associated with the need for an adequate water supply, storage or disposal of a surplus of water, management of storm runoff events and compromised water quality.
Norwest also designs and supervises construction of stream diversions and stabilized stream channels. Design procedures involve the application of geomorphic regime theory and the use of various surface water hydrology and erosion and sediment transport computer simulation programs.
Sophisticated hydrogeologic modeling provides projections on the effects of an operation on water supply, water quality and water use.

Our services include:

Water Management Plans

  • Design of dispersed water management plans and coordination with stakeholders
  • Development of water management plans for land management agencies
  • Permitting of storage, land application disposal, discharge, treatment and underground injection options
  • Water quality data management and permit required reporting
  • Extensive mapping support using ArcView and AutoCAD
  • Municipal storm water and construction storm water permit compliance
  • Water Balance Evaluations


  • Water Discharge Siting Evaluation
  • Muskeg Drainage
  • Pipeline design
  • Stream Diversions

Hydrogeologic Modeling

  • Geochemical Attenuation Modeling
  • Solute Transport Modeling
  • Chemical Transport Modeling
  • Regional Modeling of Groundwater Impacts from Mining or Energy Development operations
  • Dewatering Models for Proposed and Existing Mining Operations
  • Modeling of Mine Inflows and Impacts
  • Tributary and non tributary water modeling for impacts to existing water rights