Utilizing Our Resources to Maximize Yours

Our diverse capabilities allow us to respond with resourceful and innovative solutions to ever-changing industry demands. For each assignment we meticulously assemble a team of experts who are skilled at developing and operating world-class ventures.  Our extensive industry experience enables us to balance requirements and constraints imposed by complex projects.
Our realistic approach and cost-effective solutions are designed to enhance the economics of a project each step of the way – from concept to completion – and generate optimal value for our clients. Our innovative, reliable and impartial solutions have supported financial placements in the billions of dollars.
Energy and mining companies, utility companies, financial institutions, project developers, governments, legal firms, and regulatory agencies around the world have benefited from our extensive experience in many areas.
The ability to provide integrated services is a key element of Norwest’s contribution to a project. The recognition of a project as a whole as opposed to discipline related “silos” is critical to planning and execution. Effective communication and interaction between our multi-disciplined employees, as well as with the client, is a cornerstone of our business.