Operational Monitoring and Data Management

Norwest field personnel provide installation and monitoring services for instrumentation at both active and reclaimed mine sites. The geotechnical knowledge of our field staff enables them to perform visual inspections of operational mine conditions in addition to instrument monitoring. This provides our clients with the benefits of integrating visual observation with data acquisition. Consistent instrumentation data is valuable and a trained eye will provide key information to assess operational performance.
Norwest’s field staff is supported by knowledgeable engineers who verify, analyze, and interpret the field data. This process allows field information to be given to our designers and clients in a timely fashion. Then, with the use of industry proven software and user friendly databases, large amounts of data can be summarized and presented easily.

Our services include:

  • Geotechnical field program planning
  • Instrumentation needs assessment
  • Core logging and geological interpretation
  • Geotechnical instrument installation
    • slope inclinometers
    • vibrating wire piezometers
    • stand pipe piezometers
    • monitoring wells
    • extensometers
  • Initialization and monitoring of field instrumentation
  • Verification, analysis, and interpretation of the instrumentation data
  • Geotechnical performance reporting
  • Web-based GIS mapping
  • Hydrologic and hydrogeologic sampling and database management
  • Real time field hydrologic data entry and QA/QC
  • Hydrologic testing and monitoring
Operational monitoring and data management is a value added service which can benefit our clients in many ways. Verified technical information can be an invaluable asset to any mine site. Norwest’s Field Services Group provides a clear picture of current geotechnical or hydrogeologic conditions to optimize design and resource use for our clients.