Keeping Ahead of the Challenges Facing Our Clients.

Norwest was founded in 1979 by a group of engineers and geologists who recognized the need for practical and impartial mining consulting and geological services. These founders simultaneously opened offices in Canada and the United States and began working with mining companies on projects such as reserve audits, geological modeling, mine planning, financial evaluations, feasibility studies, and operations audits.
From an initial platform of business in the North American coal industry, Norwest diversified in both commodities (most notably oil sands) and geographical areas. We expanded our expertise in North America, Europe, and Australia to projects in Asia and Australia.
The new millennium heralded a surge of the global economy prompting a worldwide demand for energy minerals. Norwest has responded by expanding and diversifying our service offerings.
Today we have more than 125 full-time professional and support personnel, supplemented by an additional 50 associates. Together we have successfully completed consulting projects in virtually all the major coalfields, mining districts, and energy producing regions in the world. Norwest’s client list spans the globe and includes the leading mining and energy companies, international financial institutions, electric utilities, and government agencies. These clients are served through Norwest offices located in the USA, Canada, and India. 
The coming generation is expected to face the most challenging period ever for the energy and extractive minerals industries. Norwest is committed to continuous development to meet the challenges and opportunities facing our clients.