Health, Safety and Environmental

Norwest is committed to excellence in HSE performance in all our operations and supports a comprehensive Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Management System. The HSE Management System safeguards workers, the environment and strives for continuous improvement to reduce risks. It encompasses:

  • Detailed policies and procedures based on our extensive history of field projects
  • Incident and near miss reporting, tracking and investigation
  • HSE training and certification requirements for all personnel
  • A Contractor management program including an extensive pre-qualification process for subcontractors to support our frequent role as Prime Contractors

Norwest has a set of performance standards for health, safety and the environment. The most important standard is that all personnel including contractors understand their responsibilities and are committed to zero harm to people, property, and the environment through effective HSE management.

The HSE Management System defines:
  • The responsibilities of key positions within the organization and sets performance standards for HSE processes across all activities
  • Requirements for measuring, reporting, reviewing and auditing drive feedback into planning which ensures continuous improvement

To achieve continual improvement and meet policy and legal requirements, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are defined during an annual review process and are the main performance improvement tools of the Norwest HSE Management System. HSE performance achieved by staff and contractors is monitored, measured and reviewed to identify trends and to measure progress, and reported to ensure compliance with both internal and contractual requirements.