Our geological services include exploration and assessment of energy and mineral commodities. Accurate geological assessments are critical to successful resource development. The resulting strategies meet our clients’ needs with scientifically sound analyses from an impartial perspective.

Our geologists employ leading-edge technology such as three-dimensional geological modeling, mine planning, and reservoir engineering software to manage and analyze the collected data for maximum utilization and value. They are also experts at planning, managing, and executing the required drilling and site data collection programs to meet our client’s objectives. Norwest’s combination of experience, technology and best practices result in accurate and reliable resource assessments that can advance your project from initial financing through to final development.

Our geological services include:

  •    Resource evaluations and delineations
  •    Regional resource potential evaluations
  •    43-101/51-101 reports
  •    Core Logging
  •    Data management and QA/QC with CoreRelate™
  •    Geostatistics
  •    Geological and geophysical interpretation of data

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Exploration geology, drilling supervision, and resource assessment are core aspects of the minerals services Norwest provides to our clients. We have evaluated and supported the development of metals properties in Canada, U.S.A., China, Turkey, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, and Brazil. Our internationally-based team of geologists has experience in all major hard mineral commodities including precious metals (Gold, Silver), base metals (Lead/Zinc, Aluminum, Copper, Iron Ore), and Uranium.
Norwest’s geologists have authored Competent Person’s Technical Reports compliant with most of the major international financial exchange requirements, which include Canada, the U.S., Australia, London, and Hong Kong. Several members of our team are considered Qualified and Competent Persons for public resource and reserve reporting under NI43-101 and JORC guidelines. We can provide a critical review of existing work, conduct exploration programs or develop integrated geologic and numerical models.

Our services include:

  • Exploration planning
  • Drilling project management and field supervision
  • Sampling, analysis, and data custody
  • Resource modeling and geostatistics
  • Resource assessments
  • Report Preparation for public disclosure and securities purposes
  • Geological reporting
  • Peer review and technical writing QA/QC

Many of Norwest’s geological staff have been drawn from the mining industry and understand the concerns of mining companies related to geological issues in property development and operation. We have worked on coal projects in dozens of countries worldwide and are experienced in all stages of coal property development.

Whether it be ranking and targeting greenfield properties for exploration, performing coal quality beneficiation studies or in-mine geologic mapping for ongoing operations, our geological team can add considerable value to any project. Norwest geologists routinely perform coal property modeling of varying structural and stratigraphic complexity. These models provide resource and reserve base estimations for our clients’ internal use and/or for disclosure to financing environments and public securities.

Our services include:

  • Property ranking and targeting studies
  • Exploration program design, implementation and management
  • Development drilling planning and management
  • Wellsite data collection services
    • Core logging, handling and sampling
    • Geotechnical logging
    • Water well installation and data collection
    • Methane desorption data collection
  • Geological modeling and coal resource estimation
  • Coal bed methane and coal mine methane analysis and reporting
  • Technical report preparation (QP and CP) for the established public securities administrations
    • NI 43-101
    • JORC
    • US Industry Guide 7
    • AIM
    • SAMREC
  • Surface and underground coal mine support and evaluation
  • Due diligence studies and resource/reserve audits
  • Underground coal gasification and unconventional coal exploitation
Norwest geologists have the ability to provide outstanding service and value to our customers in today’s coal market with a wide range of services and expertise.

Norwest’s Geology Group provides a full range of services to the Canadian oil sands sector. Our knowledgeable and experienced group provide expert consulting services that support surface mining and in situ oil sands projects in Alberta, Saskatchewan and internationally.

Norwest’s geology team is supported by key, industry leading, associates and strategic partners. Operating together we provide a diverse range of technical services to meet the requirements of our clientele.

Our services include:


Core logging and Lab Analysis Supervision:

  • Lab based core logging
  • Depth correction
  • Lab data supervision

Data Management and Geologic Interpretation:

  • Data collection
  • QA/QC of all field and lab data
  • Geophysical data interpretation and analysis
  • Current and legacy data processing, mapping and interpretation
  • Oil sands data base creation and management
  • Regional resource potential assessments
  • CoreRelate™


  • Stochastic In situ modeling and ranking
  • In situ flow simulation
  • Surface minable oil sands deterministic and/or stochastic modeling
  • Geostatistical support


  • Technical report preparation (QP and CP) for the established public securities administrations
    • NI 43-101 & 51-101
    • JORC
    • US Industry Guide 7
    • AIM
    • SAMREC
  • Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Industry Guide 2 and 7
  • Geological reporting
  • Peer review and technical writing QA/QC


Norwest’s involvement with Saskatchewan potash has included program planning, permitting, drilling operations management, and geological services.
Norwest has been involved in several multidisciplinary potash exploration and development programs. Norwest offers a flexible range of geological services to meet our clients’ needs.

Our services include:


Exploration Project Management:

  • Project management
  • Planning
  • Regulatory approvals and compliance
  • Field execution
  • Geological data collection, compilation and secure transmittal
  • Geophysical logging supervision and QA/QC
  • Reporting to Client and Government
  • HSE & Risk Management

Core logging and Lab Analysis Supervision, and Data Management:

  • Core logging in both field and lab environments
  • Photography
  • Core handling supervision
  • Sample selection
  • Depth correction
  • QA/QC of all field and lab data
  • Compilation and integration of all data
  • Reporting

Modeling and Resource Evaluation:

  • 3D Geological modeling
  • Geological data reviews
  • Regional resource potential evaluations
  • Project specific resource/reserve evaluations
  • Peer reviews

With the continuing depletion of conventional energy resources, the search for less traditional forms of energy has intensified. Norwest’s geologists are on the forefront of this unconventional energy frontier. We have a long history of assisting our clients evaluate the resource and development potential of their projects in areas such as:

  • Coalbed methane
  • Coal mine methane
  • Underground coal gasification
  • Oil shale
  • Shale gas
  • Geothermal
  • Compressed air storage


Norwest’s team of professional geologists, geoscientists, and geophysicists possess the skills and technical expertise to meet the needs of uranium exploration clients in the Athabasca Basin region of northern Saskatchewan and elsewhere in the world. The Norwest team provides high quality and comprehensive turn-key uranium exploration geoscience support to its clients through the provision of a wide range of services.
Our services include:
Exploration planning
Satellite imagery and thematic mapping
First Nations engagement
Environmental impact studies
Risk assessments
Safety consulting
Management and interpretation of airborne and surface geophysical surveys
Supply of field geologists
Geochemical surveys
Target generation
Drilling management and field supervision
Core logging, sampling, analysis, and data custody
Analysis and Reporting:
Geological and geophysical interpretation of data
JORC (USA), JORC-Compliant (Canada), NI 43-101 Technical Reports, and Assessment Reports
Resource modeling, reporting, and geostatistics
Geologic and deposit modeling
Resource/reserve evaluation and reporting
Geotechnical analysis of rock properties