At Norwest we know how to successfully develop and optimize energy and minerals projects. Experience has taught us that a comprehensive approach is needed to assist clients in developing new ventures and enhancing the success of existing operations.  Our expert teams are well versed in all phases of project development, from initial project planning through delivery of the product to the customer.


Resource Development

Project evaluation, feasibility studies, engineering design, resource assessment, and development planning.

Resource Utilization and Economics

Fuel supply assessments, market and transportation studies, procurement assistance, and investment evaluation.
From specific equipment to overall mechanical requirements, personnel to systems management, Norwest integrates sound engineering fundamentals into every aspect of your project.
Our internationally based team of experts has extensive experience in:


Norwest’s geotechnical group offers a comprehensive range of services to meet the life cycle needs of any type of mining operation. From scoping level to active operations through to site closure, our technical staff members are well-versed in providing practical, cost-effective, and often integrated solutions to every project. We bring world-wide experience from various coal, metals, and industrial mineral operations, with a strong focus on oil sands development.
Our expertise generally covers the following main areas: slope stability, design of earth structures, mine waste management, instrumentation and monitoring programs, mine closure planning, and tailings management.

Our services include:


Geotechnical Designs:

  • Detailed designs for open-pit slopes.
  • Detailed designs for waste dumps, rock piles, and earth dam structures.
  • Slope stability assessments and evaluation of stabilization methods.
  • Life of mine designs.
  • Infrastructure offset or boundary assessments.
  • Mine waste management planning.
  • Tailings management and reclamation assessments (e.g. capping).
  • Geosynthetics designs.
  • Mine closure, progressive reclamation, and geomorphic landscape designs.

Operational Support:

  • Geotechnical support for operating mines, from short-range to long-range planning.
  • Construction material suitability studies (to optimize the use of mine waste for construction).
  • Design and completion of instrumentation and monitoring programs.
  • Design optimization based on detailed site information.

Other Areas Including:

  • Geotechnical site characterization and foundation assessments.
  • Evaluation of tailings technologies
  • Construction inspection and quality control/assurance
  • Rock slope hazard assessments
  • Evaluation of re-sloping options

Norwest has been providing coal processing and materials handling expertise both domestically and internationally since the company was founded. Norwest’s team of experts can help optimize the operational efficiencies of your existing plant systems, or we can take your new project all the way from conceptual design through engineering, procurement, construction, and successful start-up.

Our services include:

Coal Preparation

  • Coal quality data analysis
  • Coal washability studies
  • Flowsheet design
  • Plant layout and design
  • Complete feasibility studies
  • Plant performance audits
  • Process optimization

Materials Handling

  • Storage, blending, handling, and stockpile systems design
  • Loadout systems design
  • Coal quality analysis and compliance systems design
  • Feasibility studies and project evaluation
  • Power plant coal handling systems

Owner’s Engineer Services

  • Equipment and contract specifications
  • Procurement assistance
  • Construction management
  • Commissioning and start-up services


Norwest’s mining professionals bring extensive industry experience to our consulting projects. Our senior professionals all have industry experience in developing and managing world-class mining operations prior to entering the consulting field.  Accordingly, we understand the opportunities, pressures, and constraints facing the mining industry and offer innovative yet real-world solutions.
Norwest’s mine engineers have personally managed all phases of project development, from initial project planning through delivery of the product to the customer.  This experience enables Norwest to offer a wide range of consulting services to the international mining, financial, power generation, regulatory, and legal communities.

Our services include:

  • Mine planning and design
  • Feasibility studies
  • Benchmarking
  • Procurement assistance
  • Productivity improvement
  • Mine regrade and closure planning
  • Mine safety consulting
  • Mining systems and equipment selection
  • Computer simulations
  • Development planning
  • Efficiency studies
  • Due diligence
  • Economic, financial, and valuation studies
  • Risk analysis and assessment
From specific equipment to overall mining system requirements, feasibility studies to mine closure plans, Norwest’s mining experts integrate solid engineering fundamentals into every aspect of your project.  Mine owners turn to Norwest for assistance in planning, managing, evaluating, analyzing, and improving mining operations to optimize performance and enhance return on investment.